Public Service

Diverse team working together.
Older woman on the computer.
Woman smiling toward the camera holding books.

Service at the Core of our Business

Nu Gamma Delta Sorority, Inc. is distinguishing itself as a public service organization that aggressively confronts the difficulties that African Americans and, by extension, all Americans face. Through workshops, literacy, and hands-on service – we are targeting education, health, economic development, and social action to strengthen the core of African American families. In order to fulfill our mission, we offer a wide range of public service projects through its Pyramid Blocks of: Economic Development, Social Action, Educational Development, Health and Wellness, and Family.

Economic Development

Cashier smiling while taking notes on a call.

Social Action

Woman with mask putting up a poster.

Educational Development

Group of business people talking during seminar

Health and Wellness

Nurse hugging a patient. Both smiling.