About Nu


Cleola Bostic and a group of six women who came from various educational backgrounds, professions, and entrepreneurial opportunities created Nu Gamma Delta Sorority, Inc. on September 8, 2021. During the COVID 19 Pandemic, they convened a virtual ZOOM meeting to set the framework for a National Business and Professional Sorority dedicated to Women of Color regardless of their educational achievements.

Nu Gamma Delta Sorority, Inc. was founded in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and it represents a diverse range of business and professional interests. Members are encouraged to partake in leadership roles in community matters and collaborate with organizations dedicated to humanity, education, equity, equal employment rights, and entrepreneurship. Nu Gamma Delta Sorority, Inc. is a small but growing organization with two chapters currently in Alexandria and Williamsburg/Hampton Roads.

Since our incorporation on December 23, 2021, a vote was conducted to remain virtual and host hybrid meetings to allow flexibility for the greater good of member participation. We are excited in chartering chapters within the 50 States and territories in the years to come.


Suited for Success

Rebirth. We work with Businesses, Churches, Non-Profits, and Individuals as a storefront to take in lightly used business casual garments to support youth girls, single mothers, reformed offenders, and low-income individuals. Whether these women are returning to the workplace or starting a business, we strive to help create a better first and lasting impression in that initial interview or entrepreneurial pitch meeting/competition. It’s our contribution to yield positive outcomes through a positive attitude.

Silver Star

Empowerment. Nu Gamma Delta’s focus is to educate families within the African American community on the importance of literacy in financial, estate, and Eldercare planning to better prepare Seniors and their loved ones for unforeseen health, wellness, and change in living circumstances. Many people of color underestimate their future cost of care and lack education on the subject of eldercare laws and services. According to studies conducted by Genworth, A Place for Mom reports, “Senior care costs are increasingly rising at different rates. Between 2019 and 2020, the cost of in-home care jumped by about 4.4%. Assisted living costs surged by 6.15%, while nursing home costs remained relatively stable, with an increase of only 3%. Senior center and adult day care costs actually dropped by over 1%.” ( It is our goal to help the community build and retain generational wealth and keep properties in the family by providing them with the resources to alleviate the stress of the Social Service Administration process.

PowHer – Girls and Women in STEM

Strength. In collaboration with Community Partners, we encourage and support teen girls and women to venture into various fields of STEM where there’s underrepresentation of women who look like them. We urge the need to address the shortage of women of color in Doula Care, Regenerative Medicine, Engineering, and Science. Nu Gamma Delta visualizes the spirit of entrepreneurship as the key to future success in STEM. Additionally, these opportunities will provide girls and women with the freedom of being self-reliant and financially independent.



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Nu Gamma Delta Sorority, Inc. is committed to enriching the lives of our members by creating a forum and network in our communities. We firmly believe that the bonds of sisterhood are not complete without active service for others in the community. We encourage our sisters to promote unity of all cultures, take part in community service in both formal and informal capacities, and raise the standards of excellence in our social and personal endeavors.


By uplifting women through the power of sisterhood, Nu Gamma Delta Sorority Inc. aspires to improve themselves and their community by promoting self- awareness, self-empowerment, and community service.


NGD envisions a world without oppression, where empowered women celebrate the essence of womanhood by utilizing their resources in the advancement of their communities.

Board of Directors

• Cleola Bostic
• Jacqueline Williams
• Donna Mimms-Hicks


• Cleola Bostic, National President
• Jackie Williams, 1st National Vice President
• Antonia Saunders, 2nd National Vice President National
• Trielle Sutton, National Secretary
• Judith Alston, National Treasurer
• Donna Mims-Hicks, National Chaplain
• Marlena Hughes, National Sergeant of Arms